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9th of November – Abu Dhabi World Pro Australasia 2014 Trials – Rules



The Australasia 2014 Trials are open to ALL nationalities. There is NO country restriction. This year any citizenship will be allowed to compete at any Abu Dhabi WPJJC Trial. (A list of trials and dates around the world will be listed at


*A fighter can only choose one category/division to register for… NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Kimonos must meet IBJJF standards. You may wear a white, blue, or black colored kimono. You will have the option of bringing a second kimono as a back up just in case your first kimono does not pass inspection. You will only have two chances to have your kimono checked.


A competitor can win a match by submission, points, advantage, or referee’s decision.


Match Durations

6 minutes for Brown/Black Adult Male divisions

5 minutes for White/Blue/Purple Adult Male divisions, Female divisions, Juveniles, Master and Senior divisions

4 minutes for Teen divisions

3 minutes for Juniors, Pee Wees and Mighty Mites divisions


Scoring System

4 points – Mount, Back Grab

3 points – Passing the guard

2 points – Takedowns, Sweeps, Knee on the Belly


Advantages are determined by aggressiveness, submission attempts, takedown attempts and superior positioning.





For complete details, please visit our Prizes page. Only the winners of some fight brackets are eligible to win cash prizes and travel packages to the WPJJC Finals in Abu Dhabi, UAE.





Absolute brackets are available only in the Category 1 divisions (Adult Males, Adult Females, Masters, Senior 1 & 2). There are NO Absolute brackets for Category 2 Competitors (Juveniles, Teens, Juniors, Pee Wees, or Mighty Mites).


Entry to the absolute brackets (TRAVEL PACKAGES) is restricted to only those fighters who reach the semi-finals (top four) in their respective weight division. If you wish to compete in the absolute division, you must come to the service table, pay AU$20.00 and sign up immediately after qualifying for the semi-finals in your bracket.

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