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Arm Lock Attack from the Sidemount with Professor Marcelo Rezende

Locking the Arm from the Sidemount


There are hundreds of variations of the arm lock that every tom dick and harry can accomplish. All it takes is getting into the right position and executing. Remember our mantra, everyone? Position before the submission.

In this video, we are going to show you how your opponent’s attempt to escape from your side mount can bring about an arm lock. The technique is so simple. It’s a 3 step technique: position, pull,  submit. An arm lock is a grappling technique that utilizes the hyper-extension of the joints and the muscles. This variation is a lot similar to a reverse arm bar.


Step 1: Get into the side mount. Making sure that it’s secure enough. The trick to this technique is allowing your opponents some leeway to escape your mount. However, timing is everything.

2013-10-28 06_35_27-Barra Technique Tuesday - Instructor's Favorite Submissions - YouTube - Opera 01


Step 2: Switching your hips. Pulling the sleeves and pulling the arm inwards.

2013-10-28 06_34_55-Barra Technique Tuesday - Instructor's Favorite Submissions - YouTube - Opera 1


Step 3: Raise the arm and wait for the tap.

2013-10-28 06_35_09-Barra Technique Tuesday - Instructor's Favorite Submissions - YouTube - Opera 2


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