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2014 NSW Summer Cup 22/3/14

Sydney Uni Aquatic Centre 22-03-2014

Registration closes on 18-Mar-2014

AFBJJ Membership Required
All competitors are required to have current AFBJJ memberships to compete in all AFBJJ nation wide events. In order to compete the online registration process, competitors must authenticate using their AFBJJ membership username/ID & password. If you have any further membership related queries or assistance, please

Age Selection
The AFBJJ now calculates competitor date of births against the the 31-12-2014 (or current year minus year of birth) to align with IBJJF rules. So, a competitor born on the 12-09-2000 will therefore compete in the 14 Year Old age group.


Juvenile Open Weight Categories
In line with IBJJF weights and categories, all AFBJJ events will also offer Juvenile’s an Open (Absolute) weight cateogry. Male juvenile competitors must be competiting in a 71kg (net weight, see below) weight category or heavier to qualify.  Female juvenile competitors must be competiting in a 58kg (net weight, see below) weight category or heavier to qualify.

Weight Selection
Weights in the drop down box are represented as net with the appropriate Gi or No Gi allowance included in brackets e.g. the 79kg (82.3kg) Gi weight category means a net weight under 79kg and a combined gross weight (including Gi) of under 82.3kg.
No more Senior Age Groups 
In keeping with IBJJF rules, there will no longer be a Masters or Senior 1-5 age groups. Instead they will be replaced by and mapped directly to Master1-6.
Master -> Master1
Senior1 -> Master2
Senior2 -> Master3
Senior3 -> Master4
Senior4 -> Master5
Senior5  -> Master6

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