Kids Competition Program
The kid's competition team is aimed at high-level competitors from 8yrs to 16yrs. With the aim to bring out the best in our competitors, Gracie Barra Bondi has created one of the best kids competition teams in the country with multiple podium finishes at regional, state, national, continental and international level competition. The Gracie Barra Bondi Kids Competition Team seeks to form champions in life through high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training for tournaments. The program consists of an elite group of students who are attending regularly scheduled competition classes designed to push them mentally and physically. These classes focus extensively on techniques, mindset, and strategies to give the Kids Competition Team athletes the tools needed to succeed in competitions and to succeed in life. Besides focusing on developing champions on the mats, we want to provide tools and experiences that will build character and leadership skills. Competitions, and the training it takes in order to prepare to compete, provide strong lessons for kids that can positively impact their character development. The Kids Competition Team Program and the training it requires will help boost these kids to the next level of character development. Your character is not about whether you win or lose on the mat – it is about how you handle yourself in the process


Adult Competition Program
The Adult Competition classes are the ultimate level of training at Gracie Barra Bondi and focus on challenging each individual student to consolidate their Jiu-Jitsu game and achieve their personal best. The curriculum and class structure of the Advanced classes and Competition classes are similar; what changes are the depth of the techniques, the complexity of the drills, and the intensity of the training sessions. While in Advanced classes, students should emphasize the technical aspects of the training. In the Competition Classes, they begin to add speed, pressure, and power to continue building their best Jiu-Jitsu game and their ability to accomplish the goals in training when the other person is exercising full resistance. The Competition Classes are about more than just blindly chasing medals. We believe that competition training is an amazing tool for building a strong sense of community and hence place a large emphasis on supporting one another. We try to cultivate a culture of giving back to the community by sharing their knowledge and techniques with one another.